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8 Backyard Sports You Can Play On Artificial Turf

by Daniel on

Installing an artificial turf field is a great way to give yourself a space to play sports with your family. Keeping in shape is important, and backyard sports are a great way to do that while still having fun.

You have a large variety of sports to choose from as well. Whatever sport you play, you’ll likely be able to make good use of artificial turf.

1. Golf

A putting green is a solid use of artificial turf. It’s much better to play golf on this surface instead of relying on well-trimmed natural grass. Real grass is not ideal for golf – there can be all kinds of hidden tripping hazards and stuff in the way, messing up your game.

On the other hand, an artificial turf field doesn’t need to be trimmed or maintained. A golf ball can move across it much more smoothly. A home putting green is a great reason to have artificial grass installed.

2. Baseball/Cricket/Wiffle Ball

Artificial turf is a great way to play your choice of bat-and-ball game.

You can make a small baseball diamond in your backyard with artificial turf. Even if it’s smaller than usual, you can still play a good game of wiffle ball with it. And if baseball isn’t your thing, or you have roots in a commonwealth nation, you might prefer cricket.

3. Badminton

For an effective badminton setup, all you need is grass and a net. It’s simple, doesn’t require much space, and is a solid choice for a backyard sport. You can even use the net for other sports.

Regular grass can work well for backyard badminton, but you’ll need to maintain it. You don’t want any snags getting in the way and tripping people up, and you don’t want to get muddy or even land on ants or other pests every time you fall over. An artificial turf field makes playing a lot easier.

4. Volleyball

As mentioned before, a good net over some artificial turf can be great for many different sports – including volleyball.

While people usually play volleyball with sand, you don’t need to turn your backyard into a sandy mess or introduce a clashing beige color. An artificial turf field provides similar cushioning, all without needing the upkeep of natural grass or the potential to host pests and snags.

5. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is designed to be playable in your backyard and is a fantastic choice for a backyard sport.

You’ll need a narrow and long court, so it doesn’t take up too much space. An artificial turf installation for bocce ball wouldn’t be hard at all.

6. Football

While you can’t have a whole football stadium in your backyard, you can create a sufficient setup with an artificial turf field.

You probably know that football can get very muddy very fast. With artificial turf, you don’t need to worry about dirt getting everywhere after a game.

7. Soccer

Once again, you’re unlikely to be able to fit an entire soccer field in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with something smaller. A large artificial turf field in your backyard can turn into a quick soccer game in no time!

The setup is like a football field, too, meaning you can switch between games when you feel like it. No need to let good artificial turf stick to one purpose!

8. Croquet

You don’t need to be a Victorian gentleman to enjoy croquet. Even if the height of its popularity has passed, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun pastime. But if you have the wrong conditions for your croquet game, you’re never gonna make it.

Croquet was not only made to be played on lawns or in backyards but requires similar conditions to a putting green. You need artificial turf to have your own home croquet game.


Can you put a playground on artificial grass?

The most important thing to consider for playgrounds is shock absorption – something artificial turf fields do well! Artificial grass is a fantastic mud-free alternative for a playground.

Can you hit golf balls on artificial grass?

Putting greens are made of artificial grass. It’s the best way to practice your short game at home.

Can you play soccer on fake grass?

Fake grass is a common landscaping material for a soccer field. It provides the cushioning you need from grass without maintenance.


There are many fun things you can do with an artificial turf field. Whether you’re installing a putting green, an area for soccer or football, or somewhere you can swing a bat around, you can have a nice little exercise space for you and your family.
Backyard sports can be solid bonding activities and create some great memories. Artificial turf for sports is a great way to use your space for something the whole family can enjoy. Call us today if you need one installed.

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