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Installing artificial grass is perhaps the most important part of getting a synthetic lawn that looks and feels great. Consider your artificial turf sheets and materials as the canvas and the paints. In order for everything to come together as a masterpiece, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Greenland offers a variety of artificial grass services and has the training and experience to get the most out of your new lawn. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your synthetic grass installation and waste time and material by leaving the most important aspect to anyone but the best.

Measurements & Evaluation 

Greenland Artificial Grass starts every installation by getting a lay of the land and communicating with the customer to determine the goals for the space. It is this initial evaluation that gives an overview of how much installing artificial turf will ultimately cost, and the time it will take.

Taking measurements is about more than just the square footage of the area you want to be covered by artificial grass. That is certainly one of the main priorities, but it is far from the only factor that needs to be considered about how much material, preparation, and adjustments will be needed.

Additional measurements and evaluation metrics include the difficulty in leveling the surface, drainage slope orientation (which way should water be directed so it does not pool), and impediments that will require specialty shaping and cutting to work around.

Other factors to consider are intended use. Installing turf fields is easy with Greenland Artificial Grass, but there are a few more considerations. The more activity and time people are expected to spend on the synthetic turf, the more important it is to consider shade and factors that will reduce rising temperatures on clear sunny days.

Choosing Your Artificial Grass

The experts here at Greenland Artificial Grass know how to match your needs with the correct artificial turf. Save yourself all the time researching and comparing the meaningless words anyone online can write, and reach out to a professional that puts their reputation on the line to recommend what is best for you.

There are factors to consider about the look and style of your grass, but there are also other concerns about practicality. A big point of consideration is fake grass for dogs or other pets. You need something that your pet is going to like and isn’t going to cause issues with waste disposal.

Whether it is liquid filtration, overheating concerns, cleaning difficulty, or any other issue you can’t foresee, we know to be vigilant. With the guidance of Greenland Artificial Grass, you can be sure that you are getting the best fake grass for your particular needs.

Preparing The Yard To Install Artificial Grass 

It is not advised to simply lay out a sheet of artificial turf over whatever surface you are looking to cover. Before installing artificial grass, there are preparatory steps that you must take so that the synthetic turf will look good and not cause any issues that could result in property damage.

When it comes to our approach to artificial grass, Greenland believes in bringing together eye-catching naturalistic aesthetics and practicality/usability. This requires some advanced planning, so the level ground is sloped appropriately. That way, water drains in a direction that keeps it away from the home or areas that wear more easily.

Along with water drainage, there is simply the matter of getting the ground to a consistent depth so the artificial turf will lay flat. That depth also needs to properly correspond to the height of surrounding concrete slabs so it looks and feels as though the blades have perfectly grown to the ideal length.

Preparation makes the rest of the process of installing artificial grass work or fail. Any mistakes at this step will create more work down the line. It could even undermine things as crucial as how firmly your fake grass stays in place, whether it crinkles/bunches, or air pockets formation.

Orientation Tips From Artificial Turf Installers

Before our experts install artificial grass, we need to make sure the sheets are positioned thoughtfully. If more than one sheet is being used, the joining point needs to be considered so that seam between the disparate synthetic turf sections can be easily masked.

Special attention must be paid as to which section of your artificial grass has the blades naturally bending toward the edging. Too much of a bend toward the edging is going to cause a mohawk effect (where the grass raises along the seam, making the blades look taller) when merging two tufts.

It is also important to know that each side of the artificial grass’ individual blades has a different albedo (reflecting sunlight differently). If the synthetic turf is installed without factoring in which side of the grass is facing which direction, you might find that you are consistently blinded by the shiny side of your turf blades.

Install Artificial Grass Flawlessly

It may seem like there is not a lot to installing artificial grass, but there is a lot to consider. Anything that is overlooked in the process of installing synthetic turf is going to make your fake grass look like fake grass. And that is not what your lawn deserves.

For the best possible illusion of a classic picture-perfect front lawn, you have to flawlessly install artificial grass. And that takes the oversight and assistance of a professional artificial grass installer. Luckily for you, you have the wonderful team here at Greenland Artificial grass at your disposal!

When you call for artificial turf installation, you want to know that at the end of the process, you are going to get the look and feel you were promised. That means you cannot leave anything up to chance. When you want the best artificial grass, you need to hire the best artificial grass installer.


How do I get the most realistic artificial grass?

The most realistic artificial grass comes down to the type of fake grass you use and the quality of your installation. Pay attention to the backing, pile height, and yarn (nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene) of your artificial turf, and hire a proven artificial grass installer.

Is it possible to install artificial grass myself?

If you are installing artificial grass yourself, there are a lot of little things to know. And without professional tools, it can be extremely time-consuming and may not end up with the desired results. It is certainly possible, but we would recommend doing as much research as possible and performing test cuts on your turf before you do anything permanent that will waste needed materials.

What is the right way to install artificial grass?

The most important tenets for installing artificial grass are preparing the land by making it flat, with a uniform depth, and slanted to properly direct water runoff. From there, you have to secure the turf, so it does not move. But don’t secure it in a way that will cause the blades on the turf piles to become matted or misshapen.

How do you keep artificial grass from moving?

There are adhesives you can use to keep artificial turf where it was when it was installed. Other than that, you almost certainly will need to use long and hefty galvanized steel nails along the perimeter of your fake grass. Edges are most important to get right. If the edges are not pulled taut, your artificial grass will not lay perfectly flat.

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