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Installing A Home Putting Green

by Daniel on

Home putting greens and fairways are wonderful additions to your property. If you love the game of golf, why not increase your opportunities to play? Greenland Artificial Grass installs quality golf surfaces for peak performance and constant usage. Contact us today, and we will send a crew of our qualified turf technicians out to your home for a free consultation.

After some strategic discussions and a lengthy assessment of the landscape, we immediately start drafting and outlining what your home putting green will look like. We give all our customers final approval and creative control as we collaborate throughout the process. Greenland makes artificial grass installation services an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Golf enthusiasts admire the qualities of artificial grass for home putting greens because it’s a simple solution. You want to work on your game without leaving the confines of your house and paying extra course fees. Greenland wants to help you install artificial grass because home putting greens provide four essential benefits: less maintenance, convenient access, a consistent playing surface, and a great look for your home.

1. Little Maintenance 

The main reason people choose Greenland for artificial grass installation is that synthetic turf requires significantly less maintenance than natural grass. And when you dive into the world of competitive athletics, turf fields for sports make sense both practically and financially. Home putting greens certainly do as well, and with our help, you can have one installed promptly!

Our customers choose Greenland to install artificial turf for golf putting greens because it saves homeowners money on lawn maintenance fees. When you have fake grass, it doesn’t need to be mowed, fertilized, or landscaped. That means less money spent on gas for the lawnmower, landscaping tools like hoes and shovels, as well as expensive seeds and fertilizing sprays.

2. Convenience 

Home putting greens bring another element of efficiency into your life because you don’t have to go anywhere. People usually have to drive to a nearby golf course with proper facilities, which costs you money on course fees and possibly membership dues. Now, you may be paying for these already because you like going out and playing a round of golf with friends.

That’s completely normal. Installing a home putting green isn’t meant to replace playing golf and being part of a community. It simply allows you to practice whenever you want, free of charge. Also, parents will appreciate artificial grass putting greens because kids can play all day long and not ruin the surface!

3. Consistency

Consistency is a word every golfer knows. In order to shoot lower scores and become a better golfer, you have to work on your swing and remain consistent. Golf is the greatest sport because it humbles everyone at some point. You could be the best player in the world and have a terrible day on the golf course. Nobody is immune to failure.

Home putting greens are a great way to keep playing the game and force yourself to be consistent. If you practice any activity for long enough, you’re going to improve. Golf definitely fits into that category, and Greenland Artificial Grass wants to help golfers of all skill levels achieve that.

4. Sharp Look 

There are many reasons to install artificial turf on your property for the sake of getting better at golf. But what some people really enjoy about fake grass is how it looks – unobstructed and immaculate.

No drought or winter freeze is going to change the color or texture of the surface because it can endure all weather conditions. Give your home a sharp, clean look with Greenland’s exceptional artificial grass installation!


Can any yard install artificial grass for sports? 

Most yards are suitable for artificial grass installation. Nothing is a guarantee because sometimes the slope or ground environment causes drainage issues. That is why Greenland sends out a turf technician to examine the area first. If the location is doable, we begin putting together an artificial turf installation plan immediately!

How does Greenland prepare for artificial grass installation of putting greens?

Once one of our turf technicians determines the land is adequate for installing an artificial turf putting green, we then start preparing. The ground underneath the putting green surface needs to be cleared away of debris like loose dirt, leaves, twigs, and branches. Sometimes Greenland has to take additional measures by rolling out the ground with heavy machinery.

Can you make a putting green with regular grass?

“Regular grass” is too generic of a term when it comes to putting greens. Every golf course you’ve played on or watched professional golfers on TV play on uses a different type of grass. It depends on the region because certain types of grass grow better in specific climates. For example, golf courses in Florida and the rest of the southeast use Bermuda grass.

That’s why landscaping companies, including Greenland Artificial Grass, recommend installing artificial grass for home putting greens. Not only are they versatile for all climates, but they will provide a consistent surface that lasts several years with little to no maintenance. Essentially, you’re paying a one-time fee for unlimited golf play!

Does artificial grass devalue a property?

No! Artificial grass for a home putting green doesn’t lower your home’s value. Fake grass is known in the real estate industry as an acceptable form of landscaping. When installed correctly, artificial grass can actually do the opposite and increase value. Greenland prides itself on implementing the best artificial grass installation practices for guaranteed results!

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